The phenolic lockers are the most hard-wearing and tough of our lockers. Thank to the material features we obtain lockers that face up to physical, mechanical and chemical assaults without any problem.

The pieces are formed by standard modules that can be adapted to your needs.

You can personalise your area depending on the colour, the number of doors, shape of these doors, with or without legs, with or without ventilation grill, with different types of lock… many options to design your area.

They are made from compact phenolic laminated boards, with a high density, doors of 12mm, available in 10mm flameproof, damp-proof and anti-bacterial door, with a pore-free surface, wear and impact resistant, dirt-repelling, resistant to cleaning agents and disinfections, humidity unalterable.

Stainless steel ironworks and height-adjustable PVC legs. They are adapted to any lock.


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